The Sweetery Pricing

This is a very generic list of prices. Please know that depending on what ingredients you want, the pricing may vary. Also, I don't do decorated cakes as of yet.

Gourmet Cupcakes - $24 per dozen (Any cupcake that requires a few extra ingredients or is filled)

Mini Gourmet Cupcakes - $20 per 2 dozen

Plain Cupcakes - $20 per dozen (Plain Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla)

Mini Plain Cupcakes - $16 per 2 dozen

Cookies - $12 per dozen (any flavor)

Cake Pops (cake balls on a stick dipped in coating) - $18 per dozen

Cake Balls (same as above without the stick) - $13 per dozen

Plain Brownies - $16 per dozen (3x3 in)

Gourmet Brownies - $20 per dozen (3x3 in)

Gourmet Crispie Treats - $15 per dozen (3x3)

Specialty Layered Cakes - $30

9x13 Sheet Cakes - $25

Homemade Muffins - $26 per dozen (any flavor - even savory flavors such as cheese, sausage, or any combo)

Mini Homemade Muffins - $22 per 2 dozen