Saturday, July 31, 2010

Campfire Cupcakes

I posted a poll on my blog to see what cupcake I was going to experiment with next, and the Smore cupcake was the clear winner days before the contest was even over!

I mulled over how to do this cupcake so long. I thought about doing a graham cracker crust on the bottom with a chocolate cake, marshmallow filling, and marshmallow butter cream. Well, then I wondered about just trying a graham cracker cupcake with a chocolate filling and a marshmallow butter cream. Ultimately, the graham cracker cake won simply because I've never done it before.

Here are some pictures from the day!

I toasted my graham crackers before hand for the "campfire" feel.

You can SEE the toasted marshmallow bits in the icing!

All done!

Yummy chocolate filling.

I thought since this icingt is SO sweet, I'd just do a small dollop on top. It looked pretty. :)

All done and decorated very simply.

The view from the inside.

So pretty. They were tasty, too. I wouldn't say that I thought of a S'more when I bit in to it, but it was tasty. Brian mentioned that he was expecting more of a graham cracker taste. I think next time I'll make a graham cracker bottom and still do the rest the same way. That way you also get the crunch of a graham cracker.

What do you think?

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