Friday, July 23, 2010

Cupcake & Cake Pricing

This is a very generic list of prices. Please know that depending on what ingredients you want, the pricing may vary. I don't do decorated cakes.

Please understand that even though the prices seem a little high, it's worth it. Yes, you can get a dozen cupcakes much cheaper at the local grocery store, but you have no idea who made them and no idea what's going in them. Also, with me, you can tell me exactly what you want down to the tiniest detail and i'll make it happen. I make everyone's orders especially for them, nothing is massed produced.

It's also a labor of love...none of this stuff is easy to do, but gosh darn it's fun! So you aren't just paying for are also paying for time and for quality!

Plus, it just tastes so darn good!

Gourmet Cupcakes - $24 per dozen (Any cupcake that requires a few extra ingredients or is filled)

Mini Gourmet Cupcakes - $20 per 2 dozen

Plain Cupcakes - $20 per dozen (Plain Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla)

Mini Plain Cupcakes - $16 per 2 dozen

Cookies - $12 per dozen (any flavor)

Cake Pops (cake balls on a stick dipped in coating) - $15 per dozen

Cake Balls (same as above without the stick) - $13 per dozen

Plain Brownies - $16 per dozen (3x3 in)

Gourmet Brownies - $20 per dozen (3x3 in)

Gourmet Crispie Treats - $15 per dozen (3x3)

Specialty Layered Cakes - $30

9x13 Sheet Cakes - $25

Homemade Muffins - $26 per dozen (any flavor - even savory flavors such as cheese, sausage, or any combo)

Mini Homemade Muffins - $22 per 2 dozen

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