Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fried Green Tomatoes

So, I didn't think to write about these the day that I made them but I realized I hadn't written about food in a while. So, I decided to give you my trick for great fried green tomatoes.

I LOVE fried green tomatoes...I don't eat regular tomatoes usually, but you give me a fried green tomato done right and I will gobble it up!

First of all, don't cut your tomatoes too thick. When you do that, they don't cook in the middle and end up really crisp and crunchy in the middle. If you're in to that, cool...but I'm not.

Slice them about a quarter of an inch thick...I like mine even a little more thin, but unfortunately I don't have access to a deli slicer.

Then, you want to take an egg and some milk and mix them together reallllly well. You can add some seasoning to the egg-wash if you want. I usually add a little seasoning salt and maybe garlic powder. For the breading I use fish fry...but not the spicy kind...that's not yummy, well at least not to me. Last time I made them, I even added in a little flour to the mixture. Make sure that both sides and the edges are well coated, pat the breading down on to the tomato.

Now, you want them to cook well and evenly. Don't put too many in the pan at the same time. Let your oil get hot enough, then put a maximum of 4 tomatoes in there at a time. Every time you put a slice in, the temperature of the oil drops slightly. If you put too many slices, the temp will drop and it will take forever to cook the tomatoes and they'll probably end up greasy.

Cook them till they are a dark golden brown. I like mine pretty crispy, so I may go a little past this point.

My favorite dipping sauce is bbq ranch...which is just half ranch and half bbq sauce!

I hope this has been helpful to anyone trying to master the art of the fried green tomato!

Now go make me a fried green tomato sandwich! ;)


  1. I've never tried to fry tomatos...I'm actually a terrible cook, but this makes it sound easy.

  2. They're really easy and sooooo yummy! If you make them like this they don't compare to any in Cleveland (sorry to any cafe owners reading!).

    We made them like this when we had the Sugar Shack and I've been hooked ever since! Thanks for commenting!