Sunday, August 1, 2010

PB&J Cupcakes?!

This has always been a flavor that intrigued me. I mean, don't get me wrong...I totally love the sandwich. Paired with a glass of milk and some salty chips...THAT is heaven. But in a cupcake? Well, I tried it anyways! Here are the pics!

The PB & J Filling

Grape Jelly Butter-Cream with a little violet coloring. Actually pretty yummy!

White cake filled with the filling. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten the hang of my new filling tip. I filled the Campfire Cupcakes GREAT, but this batter was a little tighter and I thought I was filling them enough but it could have used more!

The cupcakes iced with the "Monster" method. I thought it would look cute for them to look a little messy!

The delicious, sweet ending.

The middle. Even though the filling looks was perfect me for, personally. With the addition of the peanut butter butter-cream and the jelly butter-cream, it was perfect.

And this picture was juts too pretty not to post. :)

Enjoy, ya'll! Order some for your kids afternoon snacks!

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